How to Find a Good Fertility Doctor

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If you have trouble getting pregnant, you need to reach out for help. Trying to guess what the problem is become frustrating. There are many reasons why you might have fertility problems. There is an equal chance it is the woman, man or both partners who have issues. If you have been trying for a year, it is time to talk to a specialist to get the facts. Older couples in their 30’s and 40’s should meet with a fertility doctor after six unsuccessful months. There are several ways to find an understanding fertility doctor who can advise you about artificial insemination, fertility drugs and other techniques that can help you conceive a child.

Discuss the Problem with Your Regular Physician

It is important to get a checkup from your regular doctor once a year. Maintaining good health is crucial to having a child. The doctor will let you know if you have any health conditions. A physician can also advise you lose or gain weight for optimum health. Contact your regular doctor or gynecologist to find out more about fertility problems. Ask your physician for a recommendation to a local fertility doctor. Your doctor may also recommend some preliminary tests to help the fertility doctor get a better idea of your situation.

Talk to Friends and Family

Many people face fertility problems.  If you have friends or family that went through similar circumstances, seek out their support. Talk to them about their experiences. Discuss how they felt and which doctor they went to for advice. People who have been through these issues are usually eager to share as much useful information as possible.

Visit Online Forums

There are a variety of online forums for people who are going through fertility problems. Some of them discuss their doctors and where they found help. This can be a good resource to find out what others experienced. Often people talk about their successes and failures freely on these forums. Keep in mind there are also fraudulent users at any online forum who might be embellishing or lying. This is just another potential resource to gather information.

Read Online Reviews

Do a simple online search for fertility doctors in your neighborhood. You can also look under terms such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and your hometown. You will find online reviews posted about most local doctors. Consider what other people say about neighborhood doctors to help you make a decision. If there are many negative comments about a particular doctor, you might want to think twice. You can also check the American Society of Reproductive Medicine website.

Schedule an Appointment with a Fertility Doctor 

The best way to find the right fertility doctor is to schedule a consultation. The doctor will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your medical and personal background. The fertility specialist reviews  your answers and meets with you to talk about possibilities. The doctor often discusses various tests that should be done and outlines different fertility procedures done at the clinic. Meeting with the doctor lets you know whether you have a personal rapport with this physician.

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